Q is for Quality.

about us

Educate. Enhance. Empower.

We create educational experiences, resources, workshops, & programs that empower all blaq athletes regardless of age, gender, sport, or expertise.

We UN-apologetically educate, enhance & empower BLAQ Athletes and we’re committed to dismantling racism & systematic barriers within all sports, leagues, & supporting industries. We strategically position blaq students, athletes, professionals, retirees, & coaches towards success outside of the game.

We are a community of BLAQ educators, athletes, and leaders who understand the importance & power sharing knowledge, connecting people, and creating empowering professional development opportunities. We use culture & education to create impact.

We partner with universities, industries, leagues, teams, high schools, middle schools & non-profit organizations to deliver sustainable policies & reforms that reflect equality, equity, & empowerment for BLAQ Athletes on / off of the playing field.

How we can help


engaging workshops, tools & discussions that support athletes on / off the field of play


collaborative resources, experiences, & networking that enables access & opportunity


Creative & thoughtful programming built to provide awareness, access, impact & community.

We Work with athletes, coaches, administrators, and leagues to increase cultural competence, create inclusive policies, and create access.

We educate and provide career workshops and resources inside and outside the world of athletics.

“Our goal is to inspire the next Black Athletic Director”
We connect BLAQ Athletes of all ages and cultivate information sharing & enlightenment.

We create interactive experiences where young BLAQ Athletes can be enlightened & culturally inspired by Professional BLAQ Athletes through engaging & powerful workshops & discussions.

“We aim to inspire questions that lead to roadmaps"
We empower BLAQ Athletes to be great in their sport while better preparing & exposing them to career opportunities & resources for after the game.

“We want athletes to understand the power of the transferable skills gained through sports & apply them to their future careers.”
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The squad






Why BLAQ Athlete?

“If we do not address the root of the problem, who will? Too many for too long have and still are misusing and misrepresenting the BLAQ Athlete.”

– Dorian Smith, Co-Founder

 images graciously provided by @jasonhillphoto