Q is for Quality.

we can help.

We service, support, & speak from real-life experiences as blaq athletes for blaq athletes.

We stand & speak specifically for all BLAQ AThletes.


Everything we do is 100% free for all blaq athletes. Period.

We partner, service & collaborate with organizations that truly want to support, develop & empower blaq athletes. Understanding systematic racism’s presence in sports is everywhere, we encourage students, coaches & leaders to stand up to racism and let us help.

We speak & service from real life experiences. We are business & education professionals who exercise our teaching & learning tools within universities & community based organizations. 


We integrate specific resources, curriculum, BLAQ history, in order to provide in-depth understanding of BLAQ awareness, education & confidence that builds stronger cultural representation & support systems. We provide students, athletes, professionals, coaches and sports administrators with the pertinent tools to be game changers in sustainability & success of BLAQ Athletes & their community.

How we can help

Blaq athletes & families

Everything we do is 100% free for all blaq athletes. Regardless of age, gender, or sport, our programs are for all Blaq athletes.

Public & Private

We work with public & private schools as well as community based organizations to provide support for blaq students & recreation.

College & universities

We educate & support institutions that seek to enhance their blaq student athletes experiences, community & post college success.

Leagues & teams

We partner & facilitate educational experiences and meaningful moments that elevate highlight blaq athletes in the sport & community.

brands & agencies

we orchestrate meaningful brands initiatives that support blaq athletes with career opportunities & access into multiple industries.

Pro athletes

We collaborate with pro & retired blaq athletes so we can bridge information, access & experiences to our future blaq leaders.

" Everything we do, is what we wish we had growing up as blaq athletes in America. we are here to finally even the playing field & empower blaq athletes off of the field."
dorian smith

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